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Xenpak (10GE)

xenpak Optomark offers a complete portfolio of XENPAK transceivers.

  • Hot pluggable XENPAK MSA form factor
  • SC Duplex Optical Receptacle
  • 70-PIN Connector with XAUI Electrical Interface
  • Management and control via MDIO 2-wire bus
  • Power Supply :+5.0V,+3.3V, APS(+1.2V)
  • RoHS compliant


Prime datarate PN Distance Wavelength (nm) Power Budget minimum  Datasheet
10GbE TREC010 Elec CX4 Electrical / Request info
10GbE TRE2004EN-SW 300m (OM3) 850 4dB Request info
10GbE TRE5026EN-SW 10km 1310 10.8dB Request info
10GbE TRE7052EN-SM 40km 1550 15.3dB Request info
10GbE TRE7062EN-SM 80km 1550 24dB Request info
10GbE XEN-SR-XY 300m (OM3) 850 4dB
10GbE XEN-LR-XY 10km 1310 9.4dB
10GbE XEN-ER-XY 40km 1550 15.5dB
10GbE XEN-ZR-XY 80km 1550 24dB
10GbE XEN-C40-ab-XY 40km 1470-1610 15.5dB
10GbE XEN-C80-ab-XY 80km 1470-1610 24dB
10GbE XEN-D40-ab-XY 40km DWDM C band 15.5dB
10GbE XEN-D80-ab-XY 80km DWDM C band 24dB

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