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sfpgrey Optomark offers a complete portfolio of SFP transceivers.
  • Compliant with SFF-8074i
  • Maximum distance up to 180km
  • CWDM wavelengths cover full O-band to L-band
  • DWDM wavelengths cover C-band and L-band
  • Other wavelength combination can be customized for BiDi SFP
  • Commercial and industrial temperature optional for certain products
  • RoHS compliant


Prime datarate PN Distance Wavelength (nm) Power Budget minimum  Datasheet
STM-1 / OC-3 (155M) TRF5426AVLB400 15km 1310 13dB Request info
STM-1 / OC-3 (155M) TRF5456AVLB300 40km 1310 20dB Request info
STM-1 / OC-3 (155M) TRF7466AVLB200 80km 1550 25dB Request info
STM-4 / OC-12 (622M) TRF5526AVLB400 15km 1310 13dB Request info
STM-4 / OC-12 (622M) TRF5556AVLB200 40km 1310 20dB Request info
STM-4 / OC-12 (622M) TRF7566AVLB200 80km 1550 25dB Request info
GbE TRF2716AMLB400 500m 850 10dB Request info
GbE TRF5736AVLB400 10km 1310 12dB Request info
GbE TRF7766AVLB400 80km 1550 25dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF5916AVLB400 2km 1310 8dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF5926AVLB400 15km 1310 13dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF5956AVLB300 40km 1310 20dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF7966AVLB300 80km 1550 25dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF79A6AAxxLB000 120km DWDM C band 30dB Request info
STM-16 / OC-48 (2.5G) TRF79B6AAxxLB000 180km DWDM C band 33dB Request info
100M SFP-CU100BaseT-XY 100m Electrical /  
GbE SFP-CU1000BaseT-XY 100m Electrical /
GbE SFP-CU10/100/1000BaseT-XY 100m Electrical /
GbE SFP-SX-XY 550m 850nm 9dB
GbE SFP-LX-XY 10km 1310nm 10dB
GbE SFP-EX-XY 40km 1550nm 19dB
GbE SFP-ZX-XY 80km 1550nm 26dB
GbE SFP-120-XY 120km 1550nm 31dB
GbE SFP-C40-ab-XY 40km 1270-1610nm 22dB
GbE SFP-C80-ab-XY 80km 1470-1610nm 26dB
GbE SFP-C120-ab-XY 120km 1470-1610nm 32dB
GbE SFP-D120-ab-XY 120km DWDM C&L band 32dB
GbE SFP-B04-3149-XY 4km 1310/1490nm 11dB
GbE SFP-B04-4931-XY 4km 1490/1310nm 11dB
GbE SFP-B20-3149-XY 20km 1310/1490nm 14dB
GbE SFP-B20-4931-XY 20km 1490/1310nm 14dB
GbE SFP-B40-3149-XY 40km 1310/1490nm 16dB
GbE SFP-B40-4931-XY 40km 1490/1310nm 16dB
GbE SFP-B60-3149-XY 60km 1310/1490nm 18dB
GbE SFP-B60-4931-XY 60km 1490/1310nm 25dB
GbE SFP-B04-3155-XY 4km 1310/1550nm 11dB
GbE SFP-B04-5531-XY 4km 1550/1310nm 11dB
GbE SFP-B20-3155-XY 20km 1310/1550nm 14dB
GbE SFP-B20-5531-XY 20km 1550/1310nm 14dB
GbE SFP-B40-3155-XY 40km 1310/1550nm 19dB
GbE SFP-B40-5531-XY 40km 1550/1310nm 19dB
GbE SFP-B60-3155-XY 60km 1310/1550nm 18dB
GbE SFP-B60-5531-XY 60km 1550/1310nm 25dB
GbE SFP-B80-4955-XY 80km 1490/1550nm 23dB
GbE SFP-B80-5549-XY 80km 1550/1490nm 23dB

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