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SFP+ (10GE and 8G-FC)

SFPplus Optomark offers a complete portfolio of SFP+ transceivers.
  • Electrical interface specifications per SFF-8431
  • Management interface specifications per SFF-8472
  • Compliant with 8G Fiber Channel FC-PI-4 800-SM-LC-L (8G SFP+) for certain products
  • Commercial and industrial temperature optional for certain products
  • DWDM wavelengths cover C-band
  • RoHS compliant


Prime datarate PN Distance Wavelength (nm) Power Budget minimum  Datasheet
10GbE TRS5001EN-0001 220m LRM 4dB Request info
10GbE TRS2001EN-0001 300m 850 4dB Request info
10GbE TRS5021EN‐S001 10km 1310 10.3dB Request info
10GbE TRS7050EN‐S001 40km 1550 18.1dB Request info
10GbE tbd 80km DWDM tunable   Request info
10GbE/8G FC SPP-SR-XY MMF 850 4dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-LRM-XY MMF 1310 4dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-LR-XY 10km 1310 9dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-ER-XY 40km 1550 15.5dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-ZR-XY 80km 1550 24dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-C40-ab-XY 40km CWDM 1270-1610 15.5dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-C80-ab-XY 80km CWDM 1470-1610 24dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-D40-ab-XY 40km DWDM C band 15.5dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-D80-ab-XY 80km DWDM C band 24dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B10-2733-XY 10km BiDi 1270/1330nm 9dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B10-3327-XY 10km BiDi 1270/1330nm 9dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B20-2733-XY 20km BiDi 1270/1330nm 11dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B20-3327-XY 20km BiDi 1270/1330nm 11dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B40-2733-XY 40km BiDi 1270/1330nm 14dB
10GbE/8G FC SPP-B40-3327-XY 40km BiDi 1270/1330nm 14ddB

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